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Hello, if you are about to get married, CONGRATULATIONS! I have created The Wedding Photo List that you can give your wedding photographer to make sure that nothing happens to him on the most important day of your life! Every wedding photographer has their own personal style of working but these are the basic photos that any wedding has to have.

Tulum wedding photographer
Tulum wedding photographer


Please put a check on the most important photos for you (Girlfriend).

Before the Ceremony

___ Wedding dress hanging or lying on a chair

___ Details, rings, bouquet, etc

___ Zipper or button the wedding dress

___ Girlfriend alone

___ Mother of the bride helping to fix the dress

___ Bride with kick of honor

___ The veil of the bride

___ Boyfriend with girlfriend’s friends

___ Girlfriend looking in a mirror

___ Girlfriend with parents

___ Girlfriend looking out the window

___ Bride and groom together

___ Girlfriend and girlfriends putting on makeup

___ Bride and groom with parents

___ Girlfriend retouching makeup

___ Bride and groom with families

___ boyfriend tying tie

 ___group photo

___ boyfriend looking in the mirror

___ Boyfriend with parents

___ boyfriend looking out the window

___ Boyfriend with best man

___ Groom with groomsmen

___Entering the limo


Destination Wedding Photographer
Cancun Wedding Photographer


During the Ceremony

___ Creative photos panoramic photos – large and wide of the church or place

___ Outside the ceremony site

___ Guests walking to the ceremony site

___Parents entering the ceremonial site

___ Reception jacks

___ Parents seated

 __ Reception site

___ Grandparents sitting

___ Decoration and details

___ bridesmaid walking down the hall

 ___ Bride and groom arriving

___ Girlfriends walking on the island

___Boyfriend waiting for girlfriend

___ Ceremony musicians

___ Wedding Officer

___ Close the bride before entering

___ Girlfriend and father walking on the island

___ Boyfriend seeing girlfriend for the first time

___ The first kiss as spouses!

___ the back of the bride and father walking on the island

___ Bride and parents leaving for the ceremony



Wedding at Barcelo Maya in Playa del Carmen
Wedding at Barcelo Maya in Playa del Carmen


Reception Photos

___ First dance

___ Groom and groom table

___ The father of the bride and the bride hugging at the end of the island

___ Guestbook

___ The bride and the father dancing

___ Musicians or DJ

___ wedding cake

___ Gift table

___ centerpieces

___ Bride and groom with each table

___ Closing couple saying votes

 ___ Boyfriend and mother dancing

___ Ring exchange

___ Guests dancing

___ The kiss

___bride and boyfriend cutting cake

___ girlfriends and boyfriends walking around the island

___ Testing the cake

___launch, petals, birdseed


___bride and groom hugging guests

 ___Bride throwing bouquet

___bride and groom getting in the car

___ boyfriend recovering league

___ Bride and groom in the back seat

___ boyfriend launch league

___ Few more extras.

The reception ends

Send this list by mail at least 15 days before your wedding to your Photographer and Videographer. If you want to download the list in PDF format to print it or have it on your phone, click here! If you need inspiration and you are ready to reserve your wedding photographer visit


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